Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ring phone, ring!!

Silently it sits, not a peep or a bell or ting-a-ling in the making.

This is not a good thing.

I long for the olden days when the phone rang all day long, whether it was a Monday or a Wednesday or even a Saturday afternoon, my phone rang with calls from brides and office managers all in search of one common cause... a caterer to cater their event.

Today, I want lots of catering jobs because Christmas is coming and I have gifts to buy,

My husband would love a big screen TV for watching his favorite teams.

Hmmm, I'm wondering are there any good tv deals out there?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why would anyone with any sense at all desire a retail job?

Please don't get me wong, now. I am very thankful that there are folks who man the cash registers, take my money and bag my purchases.

I'm glad that there are sales clerks and merchandisers, managers and security detail, buyers and accountants. But GOD, OH MIGHTY I just do not want to ever work retail again.

It's thankless work that pays the pits and the hours are the worst. Expect to work holidays, nights and weekends. Expect to stand in your feet all day and sometimes on your head, if you kbnow what I mean, as you run circles around the skeletally staffed store.

Now other than that, and this coming from the mouth of an F.I.T. Merchandising graduate retailing has some rewardas.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I thought this was a really smart move on my husband's part. Actually, we were not even married at the time. We were going across country and Bill decided for the trip that we should rent a car.

He suggested the idea for a number of reasons.

The long trip from Florida to Arizona would give us ALOT of time together! We would either come back home loving or hating each other. 4000 miles is a long way to be together in the front seat of a car, watching the country pass by the window.

Renting a car would save lots of wear and tear on your everday vehicle, too!

In Florida check out ... tampa car rental

tampa car rental

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Imagine this... a slimming wrap! What if you could quickly and safely lose 10 pounds on 7 days?
I'm game!

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Imagine this... a slimming wrap!
"She's such a lovely young lady, if only she could do something about her skin."

"Yes, so true. And to think her dear grandmother had such porcelain smooth skin. Something went haywire in that gene pool."

"What do you expect with that man for a father!"

"You didn't say what I just thought you did."

"You heard me! That's where the genes got screwed up!"

"Well, whatever. It's up to us to uncover the best acne treatments for Sarah."
"What I really want to find are some diet pills that work!"

"You and me both, sista!"

"Have you been able to go online and research anything, yet?"

"I did a little. I've heard that the website price exposed dot net is a good site. I was just dipping into it, when all hell broke loose."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Yippity Do Da, Yippity Day... My, oh my, what a beautiful day!

Well, it was a beautiful day until I spotted that ugly zit rearing it's head right there smack dab on my cheek.

This was no time for pimples and acne. Afterall, it wasn't like I was 16 or anything.

I was a fifty-something pre-menopausal bride.

My best friend said, "Quick, come to my house, I have the best acne solution in my medicine cabinet."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Retailers use barcode scanners all the time and they sure have come a long way since my season of working in department stores.

It has been forever since I've worked with one, and the idea of scanning my own purchases at a store just doesn't work for me. I don't want to do it. I don't care how easy it might be, I simply want a live human being to scan my goods and collect my payment. Call me old fashioned, but I don't ever want to see human beings replaced by automation.
We need grills for a variety of different applications. Outdoors, I prefer gas or charcoal. In my home kitchen, I prefer a grill that works with my gas range, but in my catering kitchen I always go with electric grills!

Electric grills are perfect when space is limited and you're working indoors.

I like the way you can control the heat. I also like how the weather can be cold or wet, or 100 plus outside and you can work from the a climate-controlled environment to cook dinner!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I know, I know it's hard to figure Jack-o-lanterns when the temps are teetering in the triple digits, but brace yourself my dears. Autumn is coming as surely as the calendar turns from July to August and kids of all ages ready themself for a new academic year. Get set for the fun and furious days of Back-To-School, followed by Last Daze of Summer Fandangos, Labor Day Parties, Tailgate Parties and Masquerade Parties. Oh yes... I'm counting down the days, to cooler temps and Halloween Parties! Just a short three months away. Get your Halloween costume now!